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Isabella “Izzy” Richmond


Full body IZZY

Years 2017
Set Appearances N/A
First TV Appearance Weekend At The Halberts
Special Armor  ?
Family Crest Horse / Owl (school)
Weapons & Gear Spear
Quote N/A
Voice Actor Caitlyn Bairstow

Isabella "Izzy" Richmond is Lance's little sister, daughter of Cuthbert Richmond and Goldie Richmond. First seen in The Forbidden Power book, she is not seen or mentioned in the animated series until Season 4.


A young girl with blue eyes[1] and platinum blonde hair put into a ponytail, always seen wearing high-tech, red framed glasses.


Once described as a perky - walking and talking - energy drink. Izzy is impulsive and for the most part fearless. Having a very social nature, befriends Fletcher immediately - even giving him his nickname - strives within the academy and knows it from the back of her head. Admiring her brother and Princess Macy, inspired to follow her footsteps.

A mischievous girl, who enjoys jokes and thrills. Despite everything have a "act first think later" policy is very intuitive; this, however, doesn't always works out for the best.

It's unknown if Lance's familiar problems affected her since much isn't known about the Richmond Family parental relations. They seem to have a distant but typical brother/sister relationship due to their age gap. Despite being a noble, speak more alike Macy with a casual tone throughout without much vocabulary (A bit similar to her own brother in a sense).

However, apparently they don't get along too well - as stated in Season 4 - mostly due to Lance's diva personality. Nevertheless, places her trust in him if a situation seems dire.


Just like any other Knight's Academy student. She usually wears her school uniform and armor with an addition of her red frame, if not much else.

Her introduction attire matches the Richmond's family white theme, dirting her clothes without much thought, unlike how any of her relatives would have acted. Baffling the other nobles.


In the finale during the stone colossus attack, she along with the other students of the Academy helps Principal Sir Bricklyn to evacuate the citizens within the capital. After the battle, she meets her brother Lance in the celebrations.


  • Izzy's given name may either be a reference to an italian stock character in theatre, or a specific shade of off-white.


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  • Books
    • The Forbidden Power - LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: Knight's Academy #1
  • Show
    • Season 4 Episode 1 - "Weekend at the Halberts"
    • Season 4 Episode ? - "

Reference list

  1. As described by the book, despite none of the (yellow) LEGO characters in the show bearing any sort of different eye colors
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