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Ian Stuart Hanlin (born June 28, 1986) is a Canadian voice actor who portrays Lance Richmond, Shia LaBlade, Flama, Jurgen von Stroheim, Edvard Evanson, Maynard,[1] and Jack Shields in Nexo Knights.


  • He also plays Acronix, Chope and Dan Vaapit in Ninjago and Thor in Lego Marvel Avengers: Climate Conundrum.
  • Regarding the continuation of Nexo Knights, he would want it to continue, calling it "great fun".[2]
  • He lives with and is currently dating fellow voice actor Caitlyn Bairstow. They first met when recording this series.[3]
  • He and Tommy Andreasen once had a conversation about Lance's relationship with Izzy in Season 5: TerrorBytes and Season 6.[4]
  • He once received a specialized Xbox controller modeled after Lance from a friend.[5]
  • One of his favorite episodes is "Greed is Good?."[6]