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“Here you go! One digi-magic responsive automated gyro-balanced offensive Nexo-Wing! I call him Hotspur, for short. He's got an interface that'll actually bond with you as a rider!”
Robin Underwood in "Rock Bottom"

Hotspur is a dragon-like Nexo-Wing owned by Macy Halbert. It is strong enough to lift Battle Suits.


Prior to Rock Bottom

King Halbert asked Robin to build Hotspur as a birthday present.

Rock Bottom

King Halbert gave Macy Hotspur, and Robin rode it to her and introduced it. She later used it to give chase against Ruina Stoneheart and her Capture Cruiser and dropped Clay off to let him attack her.

Official description

The Stone stomper is using his shield as a hoverboard, so it’s time to launch Macy and her Bot Drop Dragon to head him off. Soar high above the enemy and—surprise!—release the Macy Bot from the dragon’s belly and knock out the enemy. The Stone stomper wasn't expecting that! Includes a scannable shield for the NEXO Power Burnt Hot Dog.[1]



Nexo Knights

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton

Season 4: The End


  • It is known as the "Bot Drop Dragon" in the sets.



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