Herb Herbertson
Knighton News Network Reporters
Years 2016
Set Appearances N/A
First TV Appearance All episodes
Special Armor N/A
Family Crest N/A
Weapons & Gear N/A
Quote "I'm Herb Herbertson, and this is Nexo Knights!"
Voice Actor Brian Drummond

Herb Herbertson is a character in Nexo Knights and a citizen of Knighton. He is also one of the Knighton News Network Reporters.

Physical Appearance

Herb has a large grin and big, brown hair. His suit is purple and it has lavender lines going throughout it. His shirt under the suit is light blue and he has yellow hands.


Herb grew up to eventually become one of the Knighton News Network Reporters.

He has appeared at the beginning of every episode, leading the viewer from where the previous episode left off. He also reports the news alongside Alice Squires.



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