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“Sir Griffiths, you take the first and fourth year students to the south wall! I'll lead the second and third year classes to defend the main gate.”
Swordmore Brickland to Griffiths in "In Charge"

Sir Griffiths is a knight and teacher at the Knights' Academy. He gave Clay Moorington his copy of the Knight's Code.


The Knight's Code

Clay tells the other Nexo Knights that he gave him his copy of the Knight's Code.

In Charge

He was briefly seen when told by Principal Brickland to defend the south wall with the first and fourth year students.

Weekend at Halbert's

He and Principal Brickland chaperoned the field trip to the Fortrex. He and Brickland pranked each other and the students, and also fought off the Stone Monsters until the students were able to defeat them.

March of the Colossus

He was seen with the rest of his class when he was preparing to defend Knighton.

The Fall

He joined the other Knights when he was trying to stop the Stone Colossus. He also supervised Jestro and Roberto Arnoldi's community service.


Portrayed with an approachable yet noticeably southern drawl and interjections associated with old western cowboys, Sir Griffiths' actions have been shown to speak louder than his words so far. Stated to have been a troublemaker in his youth, he has since grown to be a responsible and mature knight. Despite having matured over the years, Griffiths is still has his adolescent fondness for practical jokes and pranks.

Well-known to be an incredibly brave and honorable knight, Griffiths has thus far acted consistently with his reputation. He has shown himself to be willing to go against the odds to protect the children in his care, and buying time for his students to escape from danger. Having also given Clay his copy of the Knight's Code, Griffiths has been depicted as being a rather caring and supportive authority figure towards his students so far.

Official description

His best friend at the academy is now the principal. Though he went on to become a famously brave and honorable knight, while at the academy, he and "Binky" Brickland accumulated more demerits than any other students.[1]


Nexo Knights

Season 1: The Book of Monsters

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton

Season 4: The End


  • He has the same appearance and voice actor as the Knight that provided Clay his claymore sword and the one that enrolled Jestro in the Knights' Academy.
  • He keeps a stuffed griffin in the academy's attic named Griff.[1]
  • He may have been named after the series producer of the television series, Peter Griffiths.


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