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“Whoa, what a find. The Book of Greed. You want dungeons filled with treasure? Well you just hit the jackpot, juggle boy.”
“Oh yes, I bet this will let me make greedy monsters that will fill my new castle with gold and jewels and… more gold.”
— The Book of Monsters and Jestro
“Oh, Lance, they've taken your parents!”
“Worse than that. They've taken all my gold! Will I have to live poor? I'll… I'll never survive!”
Macy Halbert and Lance Richmond

Greed is Good? is the second episode of the second season of Nexo Knights, and the twelfth episode overall. It first aired on August 13, 2016.


When Jestro uses the Book of Greed to rob Auremville of its riches, he also gets Lance's parents as prisoners and these demanding rich folks are too much for even monsters to handle.[1]


Jestro and the Book of Monsters are celebrating having their own castle in the Lava Lands. Jestro decides they should go looting so they can fill the place with treasure and the Book of Monsters knows the perfect guy for the job; Monstrox's right hand man, the pompous General Magmar. Once summoned, Jestro decides that Magmar should stay behind and keep an eye on the castle while Jestro and the others go out and loot the countryside.

Macy and Robin are sparring in the holo-gym. Macy would be sparring with Lance but he had paid Robin to take his place since he is preparing with Ava for the big party at his parents' house in Auremville. Macy tries to argue with him about how lazy he is but he has paid Axl to handle all complaints.

In a cave in the countryside, Jestro and the Book of Monsters find the Book of Greed and decide to attack Auremville, the richest town in the realm.

Lance and the other Knights arrive at the Richmond Estate in Auremville. At the party they are greeted by Lance's parents, Cuthbert and Goldie Richmond, who welcome to their annual Gold is Good ball. The party is smaller than normal as the Richmonds are going on a spa holiday the next day and they didn't want the servants to have too much cleaning up to do. Lance states that that is their job. Goldie walks away with Lance telling him to not be such a disappointment while Cuthbert leads Clay away to look at his weapons collection. The others occupy themselves with various things around the estate.

Jestro and the Book of Monsters test the Book of Greed's effect on the Lava Monsters on a nearby town. The greed-imbued monsters pillage the town stealing chests, doors and even shop signs. A small group ransack a cart leaving only the frame.

Back in Auremville, the Knights are discussing the opulence of the party and Lance's home in general when the monsters attack, taking every golden thing in the mansion. The Knights try to fight them off with golden weapons but those get taken too. The monsters even take Cuthbert and Goldie on their golden chairs. They believe their kidnapping to just be the spa staff taking them to their destination early. Lance sobs on the mansion steps as he tries to imagine life poor, not caring about his parents' kidnapping.

The other Knights are angry at Lance for being more concerned about his wealth than his parents. A flashback shows Lance being denied his dreams of becoming an actor and celebrity, instead being forced into being a knight. As the flashback ends current Lance and flashback Lance share the same miserable expression. He agrees to go get his parents back but he makes it clear he's going so he can save his money.

In Monstrox's castle, the Richmonds are making life miserable for Magmar. Jestro is more occupied with his newfound gold and tells Magmar to do what he wants with them. Magmar tries many elaborate schemes to burn, maim and generally injure the Richmonds but nothing works. The Richmonds complain to Jestro about Magmar's treatment of them, still unaware they are hostages even when Jestro tells them so.

Robin had attached the Evil Mobile before Jestro left and Ava tracks his position to the Lava Lands. Ava activates the camera on the tracker and reveals Jestro's new castle to the Knights.

Fed up with the Richmonds' complaining, the monsters' lust for gold and Jestro not being able to focus on anything other than the gold they've acquired, the Book of Monsters decides that they should take all the gold back so they can focus on their core business of being evil.

Jestro and the monsters pass through the village of Seeling where the Knights cut them off. They battle. Aaron quips about Lance wanting the gold back but he'd rather leave his parents with Jestro. The Knights download the Nexo Power Griffin of Graciousness and continue fighting. Jestro and the Book of Monsters shout at the Knights that they want to make a deal, offering to give Lance's parents back and the gold as well. Lance says they'll take the gold but they can keep his parents. Jestro and the Book think he's trying to reverse psychology on them so they make an outrageous offer of their own - Lance's parents and the gold in exchange for a bunch of weather-proof sealant since they have to seal their new hot tub. Lance ponders this but Clay and Macy seal the deal for him.

The two groups stand across from each other. Lance's parents are being held back by Burnzie and Sparkks. Lance is holding a very large tube of sealant. The two sides glare at each other as cowboy duel music plays. Lance chucks the tube in-between the two groups. the Richmonds are cautiously released and cross over to the Knights. The Richmonds are still unaware they were hostages and intend to leave them a bad review online.

The Richmonds are safely back at their mansion in the ballroom with Lance and the other Knights plus Ava and Robin. The Richmonds say they are happy to be home and Lance tentatively says he's glad they are home too. Goldie tells to be a good boy and count all the money. He makes a start, gets tired, and pays Ava to do it.

Burnzie and Sparkks are applying sealant to a piece of the hot tub while Magmar supervises them. Burnzie accidentally gets some sealant on Sparkks’ hand causing it to get stuck on the piece. Jestro whines about the loss of his gold but cheers up when the Book of Monsters tells him that once they find all the evil books some real nastiness can be unleashed. He quietly cackles as he tells Jestro to trust him that he hasn’t seen nothing yet.



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