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“It's not even half as hot as my new recipe! I've spent 25 years perfecting it. It's the world's hottest chili ever! Yeah, I scoured the kingdom for the spiciest peppers, the smelliest garlic, and the tomato-iest tomatoes! I've burned down kitchens, towns, and entire forests!”
— Gobbleton to Herb Herbertson and Alice Squires in "Monster Chef"

Gobbleton Rambley is a celebrity chef and host of the Pepperton Chili Cook-off. Though he has an enraged and rude persona on television, he is actually mild-mannered and polite.


Prior to the series

Gobbleton studied at the Culinary Academy, where he was classmates with Éclair and constantly copied off of his homework.[1]

For twenty-five years, he searched the whole of Knighton for the best peppers, garlic and tomatoes, to make the ultimate chili recipe, though he gained a distaste for chili, noting that it was "too hot."

During this time, he also authored the Ultimate Chili Recipe Book and burnt down twenty-five villages. Axl soon watched him on television, calling him "[his] hero."

Monster Chef

Gobbleton was present at the Pepperton Chili Dome to film Good Morning, Good Knight, where he would explain the rules of the Pepperton Chili Cook-off. Axl, Éclair, Lavaria and Moltor entered in the competition.

When the Nexo Knights visited Pepperton, they met with Gobbleton, and asked for the cookbook. In a polite manner, Gobbleton refused, stating that they would have to win, apologizing. Axl expressed sadness at his politeness.

During the testing, Gobbleton returned to his angry persona to taste the chili of Axl and Éclair, and Axl, just barely, dropped the royal golden crown pepper into the chili, and when Gobbleton tasted it, he spit it out, called it "not half bad," and declared them the winners, giving them the book.

After the competition, Gobbleton noted that the recipes in his book weren't very good, as well as his distaste for chili, before stating that he would then go on to find the sweetest ice cream and leaving in his vehicle.


Nexo Knights

Season 2: Books of Power


  • He is a parody of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who also has blond hair, a British accent, and displays an aggressive persona.
  • His name is a play on Gordon Ramsay's, as well as the words "gobble," referencing his chef occupation, and "ramble," referencing his angry personality.
  • His accent, voice and voice actor are identical to Cheddarton's. They also both display similar personalities, though in the latter's case, it was due to him being affected by the Book of Cruelty.


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