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“I would love for nexo knights to return. We never recorded a 5th season, but I know they had some great ideas about where the show would go. :)”
— Giles Panton on Twitter[1]

Giles Panton (born September 13, 1982) is a Canadian voice actor. He portays Clay Moorington, The Blok, Burnzie, Beast Master and Aaron's father in Nexo Knights.

His roaring as a fake version of Burnzie in "The Book of Monsters - Part 1" was used as a stock sound effect for the voices of Sparkks, Infernox (albeit deeper pitched), Grimrocs, and other monsters in a higher pitch.


  • He is also known for portraying Kalmaar in Ninjago, Flash Magnus in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Iron Man in LEGO Marvel Avengers: Climate Conundrum.
  • Panton is a professional drummer and has had songs played on Canadian radio stations.
  • He is trained to be able to handle small firearms and assault weapons.
  • He would love for Nexo Knights to continue.[2]