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“Hey scaredy-pants, don't worry about Whiparella here. As long as her whips don't touch ya, you're fine. Ain't she terrifying?”
“Yeah, she's plenty scary. Uh, not to me, obviously, but I see how she would fill others with fear. Like those pesky Knights. Finally, they will know real fear!”
— The Book of Monsters and Jestro

Fright Knight is the fifth episode of the first season of Nexo Knights. It first aired on January 15, 2016.


Using the Book of Fear, Jestro calls forth Whipperella and uses her to trap the knights in the dark woods where they realize their darkest fears.[1]


The Fortrex arrives in the rough'n'tumble town of Spittoon, normally the toughest village in the realm. Against Clay's warnings, the Knights make their own stylised entrances to the village; Lance poses for the crowd, Axl goes off to eat at a cart, Aaron grinds the rooftops with his hover shield and Macy shows off her moves, each attempt making the villagers run off scared. Clay notices a child running for a balloon floating over a well. He saves her as she was about to fall in. The Knights ponder why the villagers are so scared.

Merlok 2.0 reveals that there is a evil book in the nearby Dark Woods, and that they must find it soon or Spittoon will be lost to fear forever.

Jestro and the Book of Monsters have found the book and have released Whiparella and her Spider Globlins. Whiparella has the power to bring anyone's worst fears to life with a snap of her whips.

At night, the Knights drive along a path in the Dark Woods. However a tree has fallen in their path so they must continue on foot. As Clay turns a corner Whiparella drags him away with her whips. The others walk round the corner, unaware of Clay's disappearance.

Clay's eyes glow purple momentarily and a red light appears in front of him. From the light appears a maiden who is being kidnapped by a Scurrier. Clay chases after the pair to save the maiden. Macy has the rest of the team split up to find Clay. Clay jumps at the monster but when he checks he realises it has gotten away.

Axl is next to be hit by the whips. From the light appears a banquet stacked high with food. As Axl runs to the banquet, the Spider Globlins jump out and devour all the food.

After Lance gets hit a small group of Squireazzi photographing Burnzie appear from the red light. He swoops in to save them (and have them take his picture) but gets told off by the bots when he chases off Burnzie who, according to them, is the biggest celebrity in the land.

Macy gets hit. Sparkks appears from the red light and she tries to fight him. He taunts her by revealing that she is now wearing her princess dress and her mace has been replaced by a bouquet. She tries to fight him for his mockery but trips over her dress. Upon realizing she's wearing it, she screams.

Clay is still chasing after the Scurrier and his captive to no avail. Macy bumps into him as she runs through the forest. He questions why she's dressed like that and she asks if it's as bad as she thinks it is. He explains that she looks fine, elegant even, and at least she hasn't failed at being a knight like he has, unable to save even a damsel in distress. Macy decides to help, concluding that even with her princess regalia, she's still as tough knight as she ever was. She is stopped in her tracks as she trips over dress.

Axl attempts another shot at the banquet but again it gets eaten by the Globlins. The Squireazzi rush past as he mourns an empty plate and snap pictures.

Aaron walks around the woods whistling. Whiparella attempts to whip him from behind but Aaron just grabs her whip in his hand. Whiparella explains that she has taken out the knights, not with weapons, but with their own worst nightmares. Aaron reacts nonchalantly to this and explains he has no fear, whatsoever. She makes various attempts to frighten him (growing to a giant size, heights, bugs, nails on a chalkboard, even the dentist) but nothing works. She even takes his clothes, making him naked in public, but this doesn't work either. Aaron downloads the Nexo Power "Lion of Bravery" to free the other knights from their fears and Whiparella slithers away.

Clay is being circled by the Scurrier, pleading to it to let him save the maiden. Aaron shoots the Scurrier and its captive revealing them to both be Spider Globlins which he quickly takes out. He quickly changes back into his armour at Clay's request and quickly explains to him about Whiparella, Macy overhearing as she walks towards the pair. They quickly save Axl and Lance as well.

Whiparella has regrouped with the other monsters and is explaining how her magic worked on all the knights except Aaron. They question her about her methods and she says that none of them worked. She dissolves into tears as she states the kinds of names Aaron called her like "No Whip Latte" and "Wimp-arella." The other monsters sigh in pity and hug her. Jestro yells that there would be no hugging while he's around and states that Aaron must have something he's scared of.

Aaron arrives with the other knights and sarcastically tells him he's scared of his comedy routine. Jestro tells Whiparella to hit Aaron with everything she's got. Whiparella snaps both her whips at Aaron who shoots them away causing them to hit Jestro. This causes him to have a nightmare where he's back in the Joustdome with the knights, the last time he played the fool. He sobs as he spins plates and juggles while the crowd boos him. Back in reality the monsters are staring down at Jestro in shock. He lies on the ground in a fetal position, trapped in his nightmare. He thrashes around as he rambles. The monsters grab him and retreat.

Back in Spittoon the townsfolk are back to their old grumpy selves. In the Fortrex Clay laments how he failed the Knight's Code by falling for Whiparella's tricks. He wishes he was like Aaron, afraid of nothing. Merlok ponders on his pedestal before disappearing along with the rest of the power on the Fortrex. Ava states that it's a power surge and that everyone will have to stay completely quiet and still for a whole ten minutes. Aaron is unable to take that kind of boredom and runs off screaming. When he’s left, the power and Merlok come back online. He reveals Aaron's fear - having nothing to do. He goes on to say that nobody is completely fearless, not even the truest of knights. Clay and Macy question if he had something to do with the reboot. He brushes them off by saying that he's a wizard, not a tech wiz, and starts making beeping noises. Clay would question it but he's afraid to ask. Macy says that everyone is sometimes.



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  • Nexo Power: Lion of Bravery
  • It is the only episode in the first season not to have the word "the" in the title.




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