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“No, no! We could modify this thing into a… uh…”
“Fortrex! A complete rolling fortress ready for battle, and spelled with an X! Because having an X in the name makes it cool and high-tech.”
Macy Halbert and Robin Underwood in "The Power of Merlok"
Night Fortrex.png
Owner/User Nexo Knights
Merlok 2.0
Ava Prentis
Robin Underwood
Knights' Academy students
Swordmore Brickland
Status Operational
First appearance The Power of Merlok
70317 The Fortrex

The Fortrex is the main base of operations of the Nexo Knights. Originally King and Queen Halbert's royal RV named Ye Old Royal RV, it was modified by Robin and Ava to become a rolling fortress.

The Knights constantly use it for everything from training to rest, as well as a general home. It is able to keep Merlok 2.0 downloaded, uploading Nexo Powers and is able to hold Techcalibur.


Season 5

After the defeat of the Stone Colossus, the Fortrex broke down and stopped working. Robin attempted to fix it, but was unable to.[1] description

When Knighton is under attack by Jestro, LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ knights roll into action! Send out The Fortrex, the huge 2-in-1 rolling castle! Launch the Knight Cycle and Aero-Striker V1 to engage the Ash Attacker and Scurriers! Fold out the walls to reveal the hi-tech HQ and get your brief from Merlok 2.0, and plan your next daring mission at the round table to stop Jestro taking the Book of Evil! Includes 5 scannable shields for NEXO Powers: Ground Pound, Super Human Speed, Hawk Holler, ChickenPower and Charging Attack.[2]



Nexo Knights

Season 1: The Book of Monsters

Season 2: The Book of Power

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton

Season 4: The End



  • Tommy Andreasen came up with the name of the Fortrex.[3]
  • For the unproduced Season 5, Samuel Johnson built a sketch model for a Fortrex overtaken by Monstrox that had claws instead of treads and crawled along the ground.[4]



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