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“Yes. They won't just give us an edge over those nothing knights, they'll give us the edge over everything.”
Monstrox to Jestro in "A Little Rusty"

The Forbidden Powers were dark magical tablets created and used by Monstrox to spread evil and destruction across Knighton. They were eventually frozen in stone by Merlok and kept with Roguls. A sufficient amount of Forbidden Powers are able to awaken the Stone Colossus.


Prior to the series

The Forbidden Powers started out as dark, magical spells that were created by Monstrox so that he could become more powerful and cause great destruction across Knighton. But due to their level of power, Monstrox had to put the spells in small, black pendants and attached them to a chain bracelet around his wrist so he could contain them. As time passed, Monstrox began to become more interested in collecting the Forbidden Powers than using them.[1]

In order to end his evil conquest, the Wizards' Council sent Merlok to stop Monstrox. Merlok confronted Monstrox in Brightwood Forest and Monstrox was defeated, causing him to drop his staff and the chain containing the Forbidden Powers in the process. As Merlok fell to his knees in shock of what had just transpired, the hand of Wanda Moorington gave the Powers to him.[2]

With the Forbidden Powers now in his possession, Merlok attempted to destroy them so that no one could ever use them again for evil purposes. Unfortunately, they were too powerful, so he instead sealed them away in stone tablets and placed them with a stone guardian called a Rogul to defend them. He scattered them across the realm to make sure nobody would obtain all of them.[1]

List of Forbidden Powers

Image Name Effect First appearance
294 AgingAntilifeIcon.png Aging Anti-Life It transforms anyone afflicted weak and old. LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: MERLOK 2.0
295 AwesomeAnnihilationIcon.png Awesome Annihilation It has a massive blast radius and damage. "Between a Rock and a Hard Place"
Dd6d23d1cfe4bf4ca0633eb479400e9d.png Blazing Burn It can set anything on fire. "Hot Rock Massage"
D75ce88c205c420d7edd9a383f9e7543.png Collapsing Crumble It can make anything made of rock and stone crumble to dust. "Knight at the Museum"
Confounding Confusion.jpg Confounding Confusion It can confuse the target with what they are using. "Heart of Stone"
Corrupting Crush.png Corrupting Crush It can slowly crush anything afflicted. 70352 Jestro's Headquarters
Cracking Quake.jpeg Cracking Quake It can create powerful earthquakes. "Krakenskull"
309 DevastatingDecayIcon.png Devastating Decay It hastens the natural breakdown of organic material. 70351 Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster
274dfb5d9142c4308d342441f3348f7a.png Devious Demolition It can make any part of a stone building break off. "The Stranger in the Halps"
313 DreadfulDisintegrationIcon.png Dreadful Disintegration It can disintegrate anything afflicted. LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: MERLOK 2.0
83f86ad0ab29b873a7f6892d07c4e8fc.png Evil Evaporate It can evaporate any liquid. "Heart of Stone"
317 HorribleHungerIcon.png Horrible Hunger It makes the target starve. 70350 The Three Brothers
464-malicious-melting.png Malicious Melting It can melt snow and ice. "Heart of Stone"
Metal Morphosis.png Metal Morphosis It can turn gold into lead. "Krakenskull"
Petrifying Power.jpeg Petrifying Power Can transform anything into stone. "Krakenskull"
Petrifying Quake3.png Petrifying Quake Can create devastating earthquakes that turn anything to stone. "Krakenskull"
Ravaging Rot.png Ravaging Rot It can rot anything made of wood and spoils anything edible. "Rotten Luck"
Relentless Rust.png Relentless Rust It rusts anything made of/infused with metal. "A Little Rusty"
328 ScreamingShatterIcon.png Screaming Shatter It emits a scream that breaks skin and glass. LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: MERLOK 2.0
329 ShockingScareIcon.png Shocking Scare It can temporarily eliminate the victim's courage. "The Gray Knight"
334 ThunderingThrashIcon.png Thundering Thrash It can destroy everything into scraps. 853679 LEGO Nexo Knights Forbidden Power Shield
366 ViciousVoltageIcon.png Vicious Voltage It emits an electrical blast that fries machinery. The Forbidden Power
356 VolcanicVengeanceIcon.png Volcanic Vengeance It releases magma rocks and lava. Character Encyclopedia
367 WreckingWrathIcon.png Wrecking Wrath It releases a wrecking ball that crushes anything in its path. 70349 Ruina's Lock & Roller