Fletcher "Fletch" Bowman


S4EP1 Fletcher Bowman

Years 2017
Set Appearances LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: Knight's Academy #1 - The Forbidden Power
First TV Appearance "Weekend at the Halberts"
Special Armor Standard Knight-in-Training Armor
Family Crest The Knight's Academy Owl / ??
Weapons & Gear N/A
Quote  ?
Voice Actor Sam Vincent

Fletcher, aka, "Fletch" Bowman is one of Main Characters in the spin-off of Nexo Knights. Alongside Isabella, aka, "Izzy" Richmond in LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: Knight's Academy #1 - The Forbidden Power. Serialized before season 4, making a cameo in Episode 1 of Season 4 of Nexo Knights.


A rather timid and anxious individual, born and raised at an orphanage around the desert smelling of sea and use to working constantly at a port town called " .. " [tba]


A boy with strong anxieties bording around his rather unorthodox gift of a "Feeling", which makes him feel nauseous as he kept it to himself since day one. But with Izzy helps begins changing and embracing said things.



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  • The Forbidden Power - LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: Knight's #1
  • Season 4 Episode 1 "Weekend at the Halberts"
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