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Flame Thrower
Character image 360x480 Flame thrower
Years 2016
Set Appearances 70312 Lance's Mecha Horse
70327 The King's Mech
70318 The Glob Lobber
First TV Appearance  ?
Special Armor  ?
Follows Jestro
Weapons & Gear Bow and arrow
Quote  ?
Voice Actor  ?

Flame Thrower is a secondary antagonist and a lava monster in Nexo Knights.

Description Description

The Flame Thrower is a feared lava soldier. His inside is one big inferno of fire that he can shoot out at the enemy at any time. If you don’t like heat and flames, stay away. The only way to defeat this fiery fellow is to douse him in water and he will go back to the Book of Monsters to be ignited again.


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  • This monster does not appear in the TV Series, However their mohawks are seen on Crust Smashers


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