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Evil Evaporate is a Forbidden Power that is able to totally evaporate liquid.


Prior to the series

Evil Evaporate was one of many Forbidden Powers created by Monstrox in his thirst for power to reign over Knighton. He kept it on a chain. After a battle, Merlok obtained the Forbidden Powers and scattered them across the kingdom.

Heart of Stone

Krakenbeast located Evil Evaporate, so Jestro placed it in the Staff of Monstrox and tested it out on a bucket in a well and a goblet of water. He then placed it on the Standing Stones.

The Fall

Mechlok used a spell to try and destroy the Standing Stone containing Evil Evaporate.


  • Evaporation: The user is able to use Evil Evaporate to totally evaporate liquid. The user can also target the object carrying the liquid to evaporate it.

In-game information

Type Power Attack Defense Heal
Poison Summon 4 0 0

Thirsty? You will be after every liquid has disappeared because of a well placed hit from Evil Evaporate. Got milk? Not anymore![1]


Nexo Knights

Season 4: The End