Deadwood and Knot
Years N/A
Set Appearances N/A
First TV Appearance N/A
Special Armor Knot Belt
Follows Book of Monsters
Weapons & Gear Deadwood Club
Quote "Creeeeak!"
Voice Actor  ?

Deadwood and Knot are monsters in the Forest Monster Army.


"See that big brute there? His name's Deadwood, because all his leaves died ages ago . . . along with most of his brain cells." --Book of Monsters
Deadwood is a large, brown tree monster with scale-like bark spots on his arms, knees, chest, and head. His legs look like massive minifigure legs, but his upper body resembles a bigfig. He wears green wristbands, a three-strapped metal belt with a grass loincloth hanging from the center, and a metal pauldron on his left shoulder. Knot is a small brown knot of wood in the center of Deadwood's belt. Deadwood carries a spiked wooden club.


Deadwood is easily confused and has to be directed constantly by Knot. Knot is very short-tempered due to having to constantly monitor Deadwood.


  • Deadwood's club used to be one of his main branches, but he tore it off, losing most of his brain cells in the process.
  • Knot's real name is Addison Posh St. Claire III.
  • Deadwood enjoys woodcarving and building campfires, much to Knot's chagrin.
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