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“I know! Totally unfair! Good thing that my father, Cuthbert Richmond, is your father's childhood BFF. I mean, he could try and change his mind.”
Lance Richmond to Macy Halbert in "The Golden Castle"

Cuthbert "Bertie" Richmond is Lance and Izzy's father and the husband of Goldie Richmond. He is a former knight and childhood friend of King Halbert.



Cuthbert doesn't particularly believe in working hard, and bought his way to the top. He believes that social standing is everything, and both he and his wife regret indulging Lance in his interest in acting. Being neglectful and dismissive toward their son, neither of Lance's parents cared about what he wanted to do with his life, instead caring more about their image and tradition, forcing him to become a knight against his will.

Similarly to his son, Cuthbert is very spoiled and full of himself. However, unlike his son, he is not concerned with the well-being of others. He is a noble who looks down upon commoners and can be quite unapologetically rude, with no second-thoughts about how he might affect others. He is seemingly against the idea of funding public events and opening estate to commoners.


Cuthbert has short blond hair swept to his left in a similar fashion to his son's hair. His face has defined cheekbones, much like his son and wife, and he has a blond-colored goatee. He wears a blue tunic with the Richmond family crest across its chest, and a gold belt worn around his waist. His pants are white with gold stripes and a matching white jacket with gold accent, and he wears brown shoes with lighter-brown colored soles.


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  • The name Cuthbert is the Modern English variation of an Anglo-Saxon name, meaning "bright fame," referencing the fact that the Richmonds are rich and famous.
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