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Confounding Confusion is a Forbidden Power that is able to confuse people and what they are using objects for.


Prior to the series

Confounding Confusion was one of many Forbidden Powers created by Monstrox in his thirst for power to reign over Knighton. He kept it on a chain. After a battle, Merlok obtained the Forbidden Powers and scattered them across the kingdom.

Heart of Stone

While looking for Forbidden Powers, Krakenbeast uncovered Confounding Confusion and Jestro placed it in the Staff of Monstrox and used it on a woman with a bucket as well as a man flirting with a lady. When traveling to the Standing Stones, they encountered the Nexo Knights.

Clay jumped and pushed Jestro off of the Rolling Headquarters and onto a cliff, where he destroyed Confounding Confusion with one swift punch.


  • Confusion: The user can launch a blast that makes a target confused and disoriented with what they are using an object for, making them use the object wrong.


Nexo Knights

Season 4: The End


  • Confounding Confusion appears on the Standing Stones in "The Fall," though it was already shown to have been destroyed.