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Chef Savage
Years 2016
Set Appearances N/A
TV Episodes N/A
Special Armor Scarf
Minions & Followers Poop & Deck
Weapons & Gear Fork, Frying pan
Quote  ?
Voice Actor N/A

Chef Savage is an antagonist in the Nexo Knights universe. He is a Sea Monster.


Book of Monsters Description

I am the Book of Monsters and I love to eat evil books. That's just what I do. The Book of Evil, The Book of Chaos, The Book of Fear - I have devoured these and many more scrumptiously evil volumes. But one menacing masterpiece has eluded me all these years: The Cookbook of Evil. It was written by a Sea Monster pirate named Chef Savage. (Pronounce it like you speak French: "Sa-vahhh-jjj!") His waitors are named Poop and Deck. (Pronounce them like you DON'T speak French: "Poop and "Deck.") For those of us in the Dark Realm, Chef Savage is a virtuoso of culinary arts. He even cooks better than General Magmar! Of course, I don't care about his Lava Souffles or Hemlock Smoothies. I just want to eat his cookbook - oh, those sweet, succulent pages of evil. I would say more, but I'm soooo hungry my drool is making all my words--


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