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“Keep them busy while I get this vehicle up to speed. Ugh, a cruiser made of rock has terrible acceleration.”
Ruina Stoneheart to the Harpies in "Rock Bottom"

The Capture Cruiser is a Stone Monster vehicle created by Roberto Arnoldi for use by Ruina Stoneheart. It was used to capture Queen Halbert.


Rock Bottom

Monstrox had Roberto Arnoldi build the Capture Cruiser, and he showed it to them. Ruina then rode it into battle in Hammerin, where she successfully captured Queen Halbert, but Macy gave chase in her Thunder Mace. However, they managed to escape her.

Later, they continued driving away from the Knights, but Hotspur was able to catch up. Clay in his Battle Suit jumped onto the Cruiser but was thrown off. When Ruina shot a spell at Clay, he deflected it, causing the Capture Cruiser to edge onto a cliff. Clay downloaded a Combo Nexo Power, making the Capture Cruiser fall off a cliff. However, it remained intact.

In Charge (flashback)

The Capture Cruiser is briefly seen when Macy narrates the first part of the episode.

March of the Colossus

Ruina uses the Capture Cruiser to follow the Stone Colossus.

The Fall

Ruina rode the Capture Cruiser into battle.

Official descriptions

Swoop heroic knight Aaron into action on his hover shield! Shoot his Blazer Bow stud shooter at the Lock & Roller’s Forbidden Power shield to release the cage door and rescue Queen Halbert, but watch out for the GargoBike’s claws! Includes 2 scannable shields for the NEXO Power Gorilla Roar and Forbidden Power Wrecking Wrath.[1]

Ruina's Lock & Roller

Look at this bad boy! It's got two huge blue claws and a cage to capture and imprison folks. Love it! And look at those huge wheels! It can roll anywhere.[2]

Chariot of Fear

When Ruina hops into her Lock & Roller, the knights had better be careful. This menacing machine whisks the evil Ruina into zapping range, allowing her to cast a stunning spell on her victims. Then she simply locks them up and rolls away![3]



Nexo Knights

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton

Season 4: The End


  • In the set, it is known as the "Lock & Roller."


In set form


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