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Character image 360x480 Burnzie
Years 2016
Set Appearances 70322 Axl’s Tower Carrier
TV Episodes The Book of Monsters - Part 2
Special Armor Shoulderpads
Minions & Followers N/A
Weapons & Gear Lava Hammer
Quote "Right away boss man!"
Voice Actor  ?

Burnzie is an antagonist in Nexo Knights. He and Sparkks pull the Evil Mobile.

Personality Description

Burnzie is a big, bad monster. He has yellow gleaming eyes, a mouthful of sharp teeth and spooky, downward pointing horns. If you point an ordinary sword at him, he will spurt magma fumes on it, to make it go red-hot in an instant. And he is pretty good at bowling.

Book of Monsters Description

Burnzie leads a monster's life. He's a magma monster and can be pretty fiery if you cross him - or even if you're just in his way. Burnzie spends most of his time tucked away in me, The Book of Monsters, waiting to be called forth to destroy, destroy, destroy. It's not totally boring just waiting around in the book. The monsters have Ping-Pong tournaments and set random footnotes on fire sometimes - just for kicks. Burnzie is almost never without his best pal, Sparkks, who also happens to be an extra large Magma Monster.


  • He has a fire hammer that uses parts that originated in the BIONICLE line.
  • He has won a record for going "the most consecutive days without brushing his teeth."
  • Burnzie collects Nexo Knights trading cards.
  • He thinks his boss is a clown.


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