Brickney Spears
Years 2016
Set Appearances N/A
First TV Appearance The King's Tournament
Special Armor Nexo Armor
Family Crest Diamond
Weapons & Gear Spear
Quote "'Face it, we're ok at sports tournaments and shows but when it comes to the real duties of protecting the kingdom, we can't compete!"
Voice Actor Maryke Hendrikse

Brickney Spears is one of the members of the Tighty Knighties, a group of knights that graduated before the Nexo Knights hired by Jorah Tightwad. Brickney in particular has a talent for singing, and is a famous pop star.


The Knight's Code: A Training Guide description:

"Famous for her singing and spear work at the academy, Brickney Spears went on to become a well-known pop star in Knighton. Her moves with a spear are great... but only in rehearsal. In real combat, she's in trouble."


Not much is known about Brickney's personality just yet. However, she seems to be a gracious loser - able to admit when her rivals have an advantage or skill she cannot compete with - and willingness to admit defeat.


Brickney wears lipstick and blush, with no other noticeable facial features, and thin black eyebrows. Her black hair is cut short, pixie-cut length and styled up like fauxhawk, with a turquoise streak running through her spiked up hair.

Like the Nexo Knights, Brickney wears the newly-molded breastplate and pauldrons. However unlike the Nexo Knights, the Tighty Knighties do not seem to have their own personal family crests, and instead she bears a uniform blue diamond crest with white accent upon their breastplates like the others.

She wears a purple suit of armor and knee-pads with turquoise and darker colored accents, with a matching pair of purple vambraces and boots. Her vambraces, also known as bracers, seem to be able to remote control her technological spear to shoot arrows from a distance. And her boots are knee-length and purple with turquoise accents, and a silver frame.


According to The Knight's Code: A Training Guide, she attended the Knight's Academy and graduated some time before the Nexo Knights. Brickney would then eventually go on to be hired as a member of the Tighty Knighties by Jorah. Not much is known about her past prior to these events. At some point Jorah and the Tighty Knighties came across the Book of Envy, seemingly sometime during

The King's Tournament

Brickney entered the tournament alongside the rest of the Tighty Knighties, as they were ordered to compete against them. She was set to go against Aaron Fox. For both of their rounds, Brickney came out victorious. Once Jestro and his monsters attacked, however, the Tighty Knighties recognized that while they were more skilled sportsmen, the Nexo Knights were superior knights.



  • Her name is a pun on Britney Spears, a famous pop star.
  • Like Macy, Brickney is the only female member of her respective team.
  • Lance might have a crush on Brickney, as he drew her surrounded by hearts in The Knight's Code: A Training Guide.


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