Brave and Bold (And Short) Sir Robin
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Year 2016
Original Airdate January 26, 2016
Nexo Power Appeared Ultra Armor
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Brave and Bold (And Short) Sir Robin is the eighth Nexo Knights webisode. It was released on January 26, 2016.


Robin wants to join the Nexo Knights in battle, but he is too small. Robin starts developing extra legs to make him taller and ends up developing the powerful Ultra Armor. The knights use the ultra armor to defeat the monsters even more easily than before. All cheer Robins great idea.




  • 2 Junior Knight shields were shown on the equipment area where Robin crashed. This shows that the webisodes were set after the events of Season 1.
  • This webisode showcases the knight’s Ultra Armor and its purposes:
    • Clay Moorington - Gives him extra propeller-like blades on his back.
    • Lance Richmond - Gives him wings which allow him to fly.
    • Axl - Extra metal arms(tipped with fists) on his back for combat.
    • Aaron Fox - Back blasters to shoot down enemies.
    • Macy Halbert - Winch to release chains to grab and hold down objects.
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