Years 2016
Set Appearances N/A
TV Episodes N/A
Special Armor N/A
Minions & Followers Berry Globlins
Weapons & Gear Brambles
Quote "Shrub-a-dub-dub!"
Voice Actor N/A

Bramblina is an antagonist in the Nexo Knights universe. She is a Forest Monster.


Book of Monsters Description

Eek! Ouch! I just hurt myself thinking about this prickly Forest Monster and her razor-sharp thorns. She gave me a hug and put holes in both my covers! You ever get a ticket punched for a train or a bus? I looked just like that, but with 2 times more holes! When she's not being a total thorn in my side, Bramblina loves to attack sweet, innocent villagers with her sour Berry Globlins. These guys not only spit exploding seeds, but they stain your clothes too! And that stuff NEVER comes out! So BEWARE!


  • She is the only Forest Monster with Globlin minions.
  • Her name is a pun on "bramble."
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