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“Ava! Tell me there’s a way to get my flyer airborne again!”
“Nope. That fire-lightning did a very thorough job on it.”
Aaron Fox and Ava in "In Charge"

The Bow Flyer[1] (also known as the Bow Blaster[1] or simply the flyer[2]) is one of Aaron Fox's vehicles. It is a large, flying vehicle shaped like a crossbow.


Official descriptions

Aaron Fox's Aero-Striker V2

Immerse yourself further into the futuristic world of LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ with the awesome Aero-Striker V2, and transform into Aaron Fox using the 2-in-1 flyer as a crossbow! Role-play battles against the Lava monsters as you squeeze the trigger to shoot the dual spring-loaded shooters. Then pitch Aaron against the winged Ash Attacker and fire the crossbow shooter, or eject the knight in his arrow-shaped flyer and let the Aaron Bot take control! Includes scannable shields for 2 NEXO Powers: Ice Rain and Target Blaster.[3]

Bow Flyer by Aaron Fox

Woo-hoo! Let's take to the skies on my flying Bow Blaster. How cool is this thing? Way cool. It's like a giant bow, only it flies and can shoot energy arrows. There's nothing like takin' down targets or monsters from some altitude.[1]



Nexo Knights

Season 2: Books of Power

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton


  • In sets, it is known as the "Aero Striker V2," with a vehicle in the set 70317 The Fortrex being named the "Aero Striker V1."


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