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“This guy is called Bookkeeper! He invented a whole new thing called "Glockenjazz".”
“Here's a fiery musical biscuit about laying down the Book of Evil in your life with one hand and picking up the glockenspiel of happiness in the other!”
Burnzie and the Bookkeeper in "Hot Rock Massage"

The Bookkeeper is a Lava Monster and formerly carried around the Book of Monsters. He is currently a glockenspiel player.


The Book of Monsters - Part 2

While in a dark forest searching for evil books, the Book of Monsters ordered Jestro to create someone to hold him due to the jester's constant complaining. He has followed them both around since then.

In episodes 3-17, the Book Keeper holds the Book of Monsters.

Open Mike Knight

After the Book of Monsters and Jestro began to become a comedic duo to perform jokes to the people of Funnyton, the Book of Monsters told the Bookkeeper to take a break. Overjoyed by this, the Bookkeeper quickly runs off to have some time to himself, surprising Jestro and the Book of Monsters. As time passed, the Book of Monsters asked where the Bookkeeper was.

The Fortrex and the Furious

After Jestro was captured by the Lava Monsters, the Bookkeeper was with him and the Book of Monsters, listening to the fact that the Book of Monsters is Monstrox, but left before the Dark Arena was revealed.

Kingdom of Heroes

As the Book of Monsters was getting close to regaining human form, the Bookkeeper had trouble holding the Book of Monsters as he got bigger every time he absorb the power of the evil books. Because of this, Burnzie took the Bookkeeper's place to hold the Book of Monsters.

Official description

The Bookkeeper's job is simple - to carry the Book of Monsters, and obey its every command. But he's not the brightest monster in Jestro's Volcano Lair, so things often don't go as planned.[1]



Nexo Knights

Season 1: The Book of Monsters

Season 2: Books of Power

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton




  • Monstrox often calls him "dummy" and commands him to do stuff he can't do himself, or would have done if he had legs or arms.
  • After he left Monstrox, both Beast Master and Roog acted as the Bookkeeper.


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