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“Watch it, clown-boy! You gotta be very careful. You don't wanna touch the Book of Fear!”
— The Book of Monsters in "Fright Knight"

The Book of Fear is one of the twelve magical evil books holding Monstrox' evil. It is able to make anyone nearby extremely frightened.


Prior to the series

Merlok defeated Monstrox, and locked his evil magic in twelve magical books. One of these was the Book of Fear, which he kept in his library.

The Book of Monsters - Part 1

Merlok's magical spell blasted the Book of Fear far away into Spittoon, where it would stay there for some time.

Fright Knight

Jestro and the Book of Monsters came across the Book of Fear and fed it to the Book of Monsters. Thanks to the book, he was able to summon Whiparella and her Spider Globlins.

The Fortrex and the Furious (flashback)

The Book of Monsters recalls finding the Book of Fear.

Kingdom of Heroes

The Book of Fear is placed on the pedestal to be absorbed into the Book of Monsters for him to be reborn into Monstrox. It was destroyed after Clay Moorington destroyed the Book of Monsters.

Official descriptions

Book of Fear

You should be afraid of the Book of Fear, which forces you to witness your worst fears when you open it. Wait, is that a spider?![1]

The Book of Fear

With this book in Jestro's control, everyone's greatest fears are brought into focus (including Jestro's worst fear of being a laughingstock!).[2]



Nexo Knights

Season 1: The Book of Monsters

Season 2: Books of Power


  • In its debut in the TV series, its appearance is identical to that of the Book of Evil. However, in "Kingdom of Heroes," its appearance is more accurate to the sets. This is likely because it was only made into a set in Season 2.


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