Book of Evil
Book of Evil
Years 2016
Set Appearances 70317 Fortrex
First TV Appearance "The Book of Monsters - Part 2"
Symbol Evil Eye

The Book of Evil is a spellbook that was stowed away in Merlok's library.


The Book of Evil was once located on a shelf somewhere in Merlok's library.

Season 1

After discovering the Book of Monsters, it persuaded Jestro to attack Clay Moorington, who found the jester in Merlok's library with the Book. With no other options, Clay was forced to battle one of Jestro's newly created lava monsters, and more were made once Merlok appeared on the scene. Merlok saw only one way to defeat the monsters, so he sacrificed himself, saving Clay and scattering all the spellbooks across Knighton, including the Book of Evil. ("The Book of Monsters - Part 1") Deep in a forest, Jestro and his evil companion would find the Book of Evil lying on the ground, corrupting Jestro and giving him a menacing new look after he grabs it; ultimately, Jestro would toss it to have it be eaten by the Book of Monsters, who gained its powers. ("The Book of Monsters - Part 2")


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TV Series

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