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“Mmm, I love the taste of cruelty in the morning.”
— The Book of Monsters in "Knight Out"

The Book of Cruelty is one of twelve evil books created by Merlok to contain Monstrox' evil magic. It makes anyone in its radius extremely cruel.


Prior to the series

Merlok defeated Monstrox, and locked his evil magic in twelve magical books. One of these was the Book of Cruelty, which he kept in his library.

The Book of Monsters - Part 1

Merlok's magical spell blasted the Book of Cruelty far away into Exalted Towers, where Cheddarton would find it and use it as the guest logbook.

Knight Out

Cheddarton uses the Book of Cruelty, and Clay Moorington signs it, making him act cruel for a bit of time. It stays there for some time before Clay takes it and hides around with it, but Jestro is able to take it and feed it to the Book of Monsters.

The Fortrex and the Furious (flashback)

The Book of Monsters recalls finding the Book of Cruelty.

Kingdom of Heroes

The Book of Cruelty is placed on the pedestal to be absorbed into the Book of Monsters for him to be reborn into Monstrox. It was destroyed after Clay Moorington destroyed the Book of Monsters.



Nexo Knights

Season 2: Books of Power