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“Blazing Burn. It's a doozy, I tell ya. It can set anything on fire. Burns anything right down!”
“Oh, ho, ho! With that, we can show King Halbert and the knights what's what and burn the kingdom!”
Monstrox and Jestro in "Hot Rock Massage"

Blazing Burn is a Forbidden Power that is able to set anything on fire.


Prior to the series

Blazing Burn was one of the many Forbidden Powers that were created by Monstrox to reign over Knighton. However, after a battle between him and Merlok, Monstrox lost the Forbidden Powers while Merlok obtained them and later scattered them throughout Knighton to prevent anyone from getting them.


  • Fiery blasts: The user can launch a fiery blast that is able to set anything on fire, including forests.
  • Fiery wall: When dormant, Blazing Burn leaves a fiery wall around its original area.

In-game information

Type Power Attack Defense Heal
Fire High Damage 5 0 0

Got a match? You won't need one with this Forbidden Power. A hit will engulf any object in a fire hotter than the deepest pits of the Lavalands.[1]


Nexo Knights

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton

Season 4: The End