Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Season 4
Episode Number 38
Production Code Unknown
Original Airdate August 30, 2017
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Heart of Stone
March of the Colossus

Between a Rock and a Hard Place is the eighth episode of Season 4 of Nexo Knights, and the thirty-eighth episode overall. It first aired on August 30, 2017.

Official Description

Things are getting dire in Knighton. Jestro and the Cloud of Monstrox only need the Forbidden Power of Awesome Annihilation in order to reveal what's hidden in Mount Thunderstrox. It can't be nice.




  • The forbidden power, Awesome Annihilation is introduced.
  • The Stone Colossus is successfully awakened in this episode.
  • Lance is revealed to secretly read the Knights Code, in which he reluctantly agreed and said that since Clay isn’t present, he would want to replace him by taking one and dropping motivational lines for the team.
  • At the near end of the episode, one can see that Roberto Arnoldi threw his sculpting equipment down from the Flying Air Head to the ground right after the awakening of the Stone Colossus.
    • This shows that he regretted working for Monstrox after realising how much destruction will he cause towards Knighton-and probably his own hometown as well.


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