Behemoth of Brine
Years 2016
Set Appearances N/A
First TV Appearance N/A
Special Armor Island
Weapons & Gear N/A
Quote  ?
Voice Actor  ?

Behemoth of Brine is an antagonist in the Nexo Knights universe. It is a Sea Monster.

Book of Monsters description

Dear reader, you are halfway through this book. Don't feel like you need a holiday right now? I know a lovely tropical island in the middle of nowhere.'s NOT an island, it's a terrifying Sea Monster with palm trees stuck on it's head. Once you're relaxing on the sand, this island will rise up and bare it's snarling fangs! Surprise! That's no beach - it's the forehead of the Behemoth of Brine - the largest of ALL my monsters. Hey, guess who just won an all-expense paid trip here? That's right, the Nexo Knights, courtesy of a travel agent called....The Book of Monsters. Ha!


  • It was said that the Behemoth of Brine once dated an iceberg.
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