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“Haha, fooled you! But I look pretty good all dressed up! Okay, I run away now.”
— Beast Master to the Stone Monsters in "Hot Rock Massage"

Beast Master was the former commander of the Chaos Lava Monsters, and currently a resident of Burningham. He wields ball and chains and drives the Chaos Chariot.


Hot Rock Massage

Beast Master was walking around Burningham when Clay Moorington noticed he could make a good decoy for a Rogul statue. He tried to practice using his chains but ended up tying himself up. He then was painted gray and wore a cloak and stood in place of the Blazing Burn Rogul.

Some Grimrocs took Beast Master, thinking he was the Rogul, onto the Rolling Headquarters. He stood still until nighttime, when Monstrox struck him with his lightning, causing him to be revealed. He told them that they were fooled and ran away back to Burningham.

Weapons and abilities


  • Chaos Monster control: Beast Master is able to control chaotic monsters summoned by the Book of Chaos, and generally act as a second-in-command, bringing his monsters into battle.
  • Standing still: Beast Master is also shown to be able to stay incredibly still to the point that he is mistaken for a Rogul statue.
  • Electricity resistance: Beast Master is also resistant against Monstrox's magic lightning.[1]


  • Globlin chains: Beast Master is a master of using Globlin chains to wrap up opponents. However, after living in Burningham, he forgot how to use them.[1]

Official descriptions

Beast Master

Monsters are beings of chaos and craziness and therefore very hard to control. That is why you conjure up a Beast Master to wrangle the villainous monsters into order. Unfortunately the Beast Master already has his chains full with two extra crazy Globlins. They are uncontrollable and drag around their “Master” from place to place.

Ultimate Beast Master

Ultimate Beast Master might have an explosive temper—but this time he's got his hands on dynamite! Throw the sticks at the opponents or whizz the manic Globlins around on chains! Cause more carnage by sucking energy from your enemies. Upgrade your battle skills by scanning shields to obtain 3 NEXO Powers for your digital collection of unique abilities to outsmart your enemies in the free LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™: MERLOK 2.0 app. Scan for 3 NEXO Powers: Globlin Attack, Spirit Vortex and Dynamighty.[2]

The Book of Monsters

Now this guy is from the Book of Chaos, and he's completely out of control. See how he burnt through the pages of this book? He was actually supposed to be on page 72, but he tore his way up here. I put Beast Master in charge of my Globlins, including those two on his arms. He calls them Muffin and Poopsie; Not the kind of names you'd expect for fearsome creatures right? Well, Beast Master ALWAYS does the unexpected. Yeeoowwww! He just made Muffin bite me! And he had Poopsie kiss me! I NEVER expected that...



Nexo Knights

Season 1: The Book of Monsters

Season 2: Books of Power

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton



Behind the scenes

  • Giles Panton, his voice actor, considers Beast Master one of his "mains".[3]
  • He is often called "the Beast Master," rather than just Beast Master.
  • He has a small bit of orange liquid, possibly spit or drool, hanging from his mouth.
  • He speaks with broken English, likely to make him sound more primitive.


  • He owns two orange Globlins. However, their names are inconsistent among publications. However, in the show, he has two red Globlins that aren't his, as he's "petsitting."
  • It is mentioned in The Book of Monsters that he secretly winks at everybody with his eyepatch-covered eye.



Promotional media

Design variants

In Nexo Knights


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