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“A Knight that sings and cooks and is as big as a house.”
Merlok 2.0 about Axl in "Knights of the Realm - Part 1"

Sir Axl is one of the Nexo Knights from the small mining town of Diggington. Much larger than the rest of his family because of his extreme diet, he always strived to be a Knight, but his father didn't approve of it. However, after defeating some bandits that threatened his father, he was given his approval.


Prior to the series

Axl grew up in Diggington in the Digging Inn where he was a heavy eater, making him much larger than the rest of his family. Papa and Mama Axl hoped Axl would take over the family business, but Axl had other plans, wanting to become a knight. He trained all day in axe wielding and becoming stronger. However, Papa Axl refused to allow him to become a Knight.

At one point, his father was threatened by bandits over the food served, prompting Axl to step in and defeat the bandits. In gratitude, Papa Axl agreed to let Axl be a knight and sent him to the Knights' Academy.

Sir Axl... the Ever-Hungry

During the usual night in the Fortrex, the knights wait for dinner and Axl have the biggest portion, much to the uneasiness of the knights, having bad table manners as he had flung an apple core right at Clay and a bone at a bot. However, the monsters attacked and got mad by them destroying his dinner. He transforms to his ultimate form and defeats the monsters with ease.


Axl is a gentle giant who loves food. Despite his gluttonous personality, he is good at cooking, as he was seen working with Chef Éclair on the right ingredients during the Pepperton Chili Cook-off. Axl often fears missing out on a meal.[1]


Axl has black hair stylized in a short mohawk. He is usually seen with a faint smile with a bottom tooth sticking out. He has a lot of strong cheekbones representing his strength and toughness. His body is quite large, and he has fingers rather than clips. He is usually seen wearing yellow-orange armor.

Like all the other Nexo Knights, he has a newly-molded helmet and shoulder armor. His visor has horns. His suit's torso and legs are gray, while his massive arms are a silver and his hips and shoulders an orange colour. His suit is completed with silver highlights.



Official descriptions


Axl grew up in a rustic, little town in mining country. He is big, strong and always hungry. Sometimes for fighting, but mostly for something to eat. All that training knight stuff, playing the electrical lute or a computer game with Aaron, can really work up an appetite. Axl doesn’t talk so much, but he is always ready for a little snack. And a big one. And ten more.[2]


Axl is the giant muscle man on the NEXO KNIGHTS team. When he swings his huge battle axe, enemies tremble and tumble. But an axe is not the only thing that Axl swings. He swings huge amounts of food into his mouth to soothe his never-ending hunger. He swings his electric lute on stage to let out the music in his heart. And he swings the controller in his attempts to beat Aaron at their newest video game. How does he swing everything so powerfully you ask? He works out and eats and eats and eats right.[3]

Ultimate Axl

Ultimate Axl is always hungry—and now the heavyweight knight can't wait to get stuck into Jestro and the Lava monsters. For starters, punch your way into the thick of the action with the giant fists! Then draw the enemies in with the magnetizer club for maximum damage, or set the spinning top's blades flying! Upgrade your skills by scanning shields to obtain 3 NEXO Powers for your digital collection of unique abilities and outsmart Jestro and the Lava monsters in the free LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™: MERLOK 2.0 app. Scan for 3 NEXO Powers: Fist Smash, Magnetize and Stone Stun.[4]

The Book of Monsters

DEAR KING HALBERT, Axl is not just big, he's big-hearted. One time, I was eating all by myself in the castle dining hall. I felt so alone until Axl joined me-and he wouldn't leave until we'd finished every plate! I'd love to hug him, but if he hugged me back he'd probably break my spine. And I need my spine. It holds up my head and makes my shirts fit properly.



Nexo Knights

Season 1: The Book of Monsters

Season 2: Books of Power

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton

Season 4: The End




Behind the scenes

  • His name may be a pun on the words "axe," his weapon, and "XL", meaning extra large, referencing his size.


  • He is considerably larger than the rest of his family because of his eating habits.
  • He is only seen without his armor in No Rest for the Heroes when the Knights went on a beach trip and he was seen with beach shorts rather than his regular attire. This is because he is a large minifigure, so to stay on model, he had to wear his armor all the time in the show.[5]


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