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Awesome Annihilation is a Forbidden Power that is immensely powerful and can destroy entire towns in one blast. It is the final Forbidden Power for the Standing Stones.


Prior to the series

Awesome Annihilation was one of many Forbidden Powers created by Monstrox in his thirst for power to reign over Knighton. He kept it on a chain. After a battle, Merlok obtained the Forbidden Powers and scattered them across the kingdom, placing Awesome Annihilation near Strongheim.


  • Total destruction: The user can use Awesome Annihilation to send a blast that can totally destroy even the strongest materials.
  • Immense power: If the user does not let go of the tablet, they will be reduced to dust.

In-game information

Type Power Attack Defense Heal
Monster High Damage 5 0 0

The baddest of the bunch. It annihilates... and it's awesome. Hence the name.[1]


Nexo Knights

Season 4: The End